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Hilarious times curious cats got more than they bargained for

In the early days before political rants and Vaguebooking, the technology gods bestowed upon us the gift of the Internet. This precious gift was intended to help us stay in touch with old friends, instantly find information for school research papers and the most sacred above all — receive access to funny cat videos. Though many have misused this precious technological gift with dramatic prayer requests and angry covfefe, we would like to take a moment to remind you of the beauty of the Internet with a list of hilarious videos of curious cats. Behold.

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Things you should say to your kids every day

Where are your shoes? Get in the car. Brush your teeth. Did you brush your teeth? Did you really brush your teeth? There are plenty of phrases that parents repeat to their children on a daily basis to just get through the morning. But what should parents be saying to their children each day to get them through life?

We asked the professionals to weigh in on what phrases can make a difference in child development. They gave us their thoughts, and these are the things you should be saying to your child each day.

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Surprising things that cause acne

Acne is “the most common skin disease,” affecting about 80 percent of the population between the ages of 11 and 30. But even babies get pimples, and people in their 40s and 50s experience breakouts as well. The market is saturated with products promising clear skin, but the first step in defeating ugly breakouts, is understanding just what causes them.

There are plenty of theories and old wives’ tales about what causes acne, like eating too much chocolate, or not having clean skin. But I wanted real, expert advice. So, I talked to doctors and skincare specialists around the country, and they told me about some surprising things that cause acne, and how to rid your face of those unsightly blemishes.

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Things women won’t admit they like about having kids

Motherhood is a wild ride some women choose to get on, some women wish to get on, some women unexpectedly find themselves on, and some women pass on, altogether. It is not for the weak. And there should probably be a sign that says, “Must be ‘this strong’ to ride.” But for those who jump on, it can actually be pretty fun.

We talked to more than a dozen women about what they secretly love most about motherhood. Here are the top things women won’t often admit they like about having kids!

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What I learned from having daughters

During my first pregnancy I just knew I was having a boy. I referred to my baby as “he”, and I had already settled on a name. But the night before my 20-week ultrasound I had a dream that I was carrying a girl. In my dream I was elated and so excited to have a daughter. I felt so happy in fact that when I woke up I cried because I felt guilty for not loving my son as much.

But the real ultrasound results that day confirmed my dream, and I found out that my guilt for my son was unnecessary — I was going to have a daughter. I felt confident about parenting a little girl. I am a girl, for crying out loud, so of course I’d know best how to raise one. But as it turns out, being a girl and raising a girl are two wildly different things. Here are the top things I’ve learned from having daughters.

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How to support someone who lost their baby

The loss of a child seemingly goes against everything nature intended. Children are supposed to represent the continuation of life, so when a child dies, it cuts to the very core of our existence. But like so many other aspects of parenting, unless you’ve lived through it, you really don’t (and can’t) know what it’s like to lose a child.

People often compare grief. The mother who loses a 3-year-old in a drowning accident is expected to grieve harder than the woman who loses a pregnancy at 8 weeks. But grief is grief. I personally lost a twin pregnancy at 13 weeks, and I spoke to two mothers who have also lost children. One mother lost her child in utero at 39 weeks, and another mother lost her daughter three days after she was born. Each had her own perspective, but the common thread among parents who have lost a child seems to be that this loss is like no other.

It’s a subject so taboo and painful for people to think about that those who haven’t gone through it often don’t know what to say or how to support a parent who has lost a child. Sometimes a little insight can make all the difference. So here are ways you can help support someone who has lost their baby.

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Untold truth of Bridezillas

The traditional June wedding stems back to the days of Roman mythology, where it was common to marry during the month dedicated to the goddess Juno. Juno was the protector of women in marriage and childbearing, however, this regal goddess was also often portrayed as a savage and warlike goddess who eventually gave birth to Mars, the god of war. Her Greek equivalent, Hera, was also known to unleash her deadly wrath on those who displeased her, and both goddesses were known for bending the wills of men to their advantage.

Perhaps these goddesses were the inspiration for the June 2004 debut of WE tv’s Bridezillas. The show’s title is fairly telling of the temperament of its stars, but here are a few things you might not have known about the show and its cast, right out of the mouths of previous cast-members themselves. I spoke to Porsha from season eight and Melissa from season seven, and both had some interesting dirt to share.

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Untold truth of Surrogacy

Although the process of in vitro fertilization has been around since the late 1970s, the idea of creating a life in a lab rather than the backseat of a Camaro is still a bit controversial. Add a surrogate into the mix, and some people really give the side-eye.

A quick search for surrogacy horror stories will turn up a plethora of tales about parents abandoning babies or demanding termination, and surrogates keeping babies and getting child support. The sad fact is tension, tragedy and turmoil gets the page views, and grisly gossip is sometimes so much more juicy than reality.

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Signs you are ready to have a baby

The article in which I basically offer verbal birth control

Embarrassing things you need to ask your doctor

Three words. Post. Baby. Vagina.

How to know if someone you love is a narcissist

In an age of selfies and social media, it’s easy to see why the term narcissist is liberally tossed around. But just like other personality traits such as kindness or empathy, narcissism isn’t something you either have or you don’t. Instead it’s a trait that lives on a spectrum, with one end being fairly benign and the other end being categorized as a full-blown disorder.

It’s a spectrum almost everyone falls on at some point, and the very fact that we even brush our hair or get dressed in the morning shows that each of us at least cares a little about how the world perceives us. Almost everyone knows someone who carries themselves with an air of superiority or who feels entitled to certain things. In fact, according to psychiatrist Dr. Ayo Gathing, most successful people in history can attribute their accomplishments at least in part to narcissistic traits.

But what happens when a person has too many of those traits, or they have narcissistic tendencies so severe that their lives or personal relationships are impaired? There’s a big difference between someone who loves to hear themselves talk, and a person who actually has what’s called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. So I asked the experts to weigh in on what exactly defines Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and what — if anything — people can do if someone they love is a narcissist.

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Spanish baby names you’ll fall in love with

In the first few months of life, a baby’s name is just about the most distinguishing attribute they have. And until those squishy little newborn faces start to really take shape, a big part of a baby’s identity is wrapped up in his or her moniker.

Most popular baby names in the United States have some sort of Latin roots, but we talked with baby naming experts Pamela Redmond of Nameberry and Sherri Suzanne, founder of My Name for Life, about the up-and-coming Spanish baby names on her radar this year. If you’re looking for a name that’s a little more exotic than Emma or Noah, these beautiful baby names roll right off the tongue.

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Adorable dogs before and after haircuts

A total “Fluff” piece

What the cast of Harriet the Spy looks like today

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than 20 years since an 11-year-old girl in a yellow raincoat snuck around town writing down secrets and inspiring 90s tweens everywhere to rock some wide-leg jeans.

The kid cast of Harriet the Spy is now in their 30s, and most of the grown-ups are still around too. And while some cast members have retained their child-like looks, others might have you saying “Oh Golly!” Here’s what the cast of Harriet the Spy looks like today.

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Hacks for better selfies

Although the term “selfie” was named Oxford’s Dictionary Word of The Year in 2013, the idea of the self portrait is not a new concept. Artists have been rendering self portraits for centuries before the modern smartphone came onto the scene, but today’s modern selfie is meant to serve as more of a quick shout out than a lasting piece of art. But what makes a great selfie? Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook users have their own opinions, but even the scientific community has weighed in on what makes a selfie successful. I asked photographer Amber Wallace for her professional tips for the modern self portrait. So here are a few hacks for upping your selfie game.

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What’s next for Sasha and Malia?

That time I talked to the Obama press office and felt like a regular Bad A