Naked Salsa

Crystal Henry lost a bet with her husband and found herself making Mexican food…wearing nothing but tube socks. These and other stories comprise her column in Our Town magazine about the reality of married life. After nearly a decade that column has transformed into a real and humorous commentary on the good, bad and sometimes ugly side of marriage and life with kids. This book is a compilation of some of the author’s best and award-winning columns with bonus material from her preschool and surrogacy blogs. It was strategically written as a light and easy read with plenty of breaks for those who aren’t even used to going to the bathroom alone. So get ready to laugh, cry and hug your kids through this Erma Bombeck-esque account of the reality of family life.


A Turtle’s Tale

Mama and Papa Turtle are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little hatchlings when a violent storm destroys their nest, separating them from their babies. Their dreams of parenthood rest in the jaws of a family of gators who are determined to reunite them. Inspired by the author’s journey through gestational surrogacy, this book serves as a heartwarming tale of family and love as well as a great tool for talking to children about the beautiful gift of surrogacy.